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Stories of Stone

Not one of Teranova’s clients is the same. Your dreams, challenges and budgets are totally special. It is important to have a constructive conversation because we have a wealth of expertise and experience that we can impart as quality tile and stone specialists.

In everything we do, Teranova’s enthusiasm and reluctance to compromise is evident. As experts in tile and stone, we have the technical design services to execute the most challenging concepts.


This service, open to all, has enabled our clients to build their own stone designs. Custom stone fireplaces, custom furniture, baths and basins with over 48 different stones used in completed projects.


For your personalised style, our team will build extremely stunning abstract stone floors, intricately cut fine art floors and table tops. Our customers from the earliest stage of the project will work hand in hand with our in-house team. This means that the stone forms are appropriate for waterjet cutting and that it is possible to completely create designs. Technology basically makes it possible.

Please contact a member of our team if you have a design that you felt was impossible in Stone,Porcelain,Cement or if you would like some tips on how to make the best of this technique.


Photographs of the stone are added to individual versions. This offers the consumer the versatility before agreeing to an order to change their mind and quickly play with various forms of stone.


Bespoke not only provides you with what you need, but it’s totally exclusive as well. Share your vision with Teranova and it will perform stone wonders with our 2D and 3D custom stone cutting ability. A custom mosaic made of ceramic or porcelain might also be needed. We also offer the option to make your own porcelain printed tiles as well as handmade tiles. 

Technical designers from Teranova work straight from the original designs of the architect or designers to insure absolute design precision. Teranova  have a full understanding of how our materials and objects function and respond within a specific room.