Verde Green Marble Finger Mosaic


The Verde Green Marble is our new favourite product, ranging in shades of  soft green giving a little colour to any monochrome design. These shades  allow you to add depth and interest to any wall or floor installation, without the distraction of a print or vibrant colour, which can date quickly.  It was a favourite medium for the greatest of Greek and Roman sculptors and architects being a metamorphic mineral, formed only under extreme heat and pressures. This process causes a complete recrystallization of the original rock into an interlocking mosaic of calcite and/or dolomite crystals. These shade while fresh in today’s tile trends, are nevertheless steeped in history and would give not only beauty but long jeopardy.

Currently only stock in the 10x10x90mm size, however we are able to produce in any pattern and size you like.

This product needs to be sealed.

Tile Code Sizes Rating/Fishes
TERST117 10x90x10mm Honed