Micro Glass Herringbone Black


Made of  rich enamel glass traditionally used for delicate jewellery pieces, our micro mosaic collection embodies a timelessly modern yet classic look. Keeping with the tradition these mosaic have been developed with classic styles and colours in mind, however we have added a contemporary twist by shrinking the pieces down to a mere 04x20x05mm size. This not only keeps the mosaic looking delicate, sleek and seamless but adds to the marvellous soft texture of the enamel glass making any area appear carpeted in pattern. Suitable for both floor and wall installation in both wet and dry areas, with easy cleaning and no sealing required this mosaic has endless possibility and would give a unique look to any space.

Available in an array of colours and both herringbone and chevron designs.

Tile Code Sizes Rating/Fishes
TERGM07 280x300x05mm R9/Matt